Athletics South runs the local Summer Track & Field (October - March), the Winter Cross Country/Out of Stadium (April - September) and the Winter Throws Series in Southern Tasmania.

Athletics caters for participants from 10 years of age through to masters - and at all levels of ability. more 


The Athletics South 2018-19 Track & Field Premiership Season concluded with Rd 16D on Saturday 2 March. The official results and Premiership results are now available under the results tab.  Next up are Tasmanian Championships from 15-17 March.


Don't forget all registrations ran out on 30 September so you need to be 2018-19 T&F registered to compete.  If you haven't been registered since the 2014-15 season, you are able to do a maximum of 2 trialling registrations at a cost of $10 each.   


The Calendar and programmes for the 2018-19 Athletics South Track & Field Season are available HERE


 Registrations for 2018/19 are now available through the various Club websites.